Berceuse is an action.

It contextually and formally links the beginning and end of a series of artworks created as a single whole.

Berceuse thus makes a series of four works into a circular sequence, namely: Cruz na América [Cross in America], Concerto para encanto e anel [Concert for Enchantment and Ring], Método poético para descontrole da localidade [Poetic Method for the Discontrol of Locality] and Esquizofrenia da forma e do êxtase [Schizophrenia of Form and of Ecstasy]. Interlinked, by concise poetic or sculptural acts, they establish beginnings and ends of works, constructing a process similar to musical arias.

Arias are structured and delimited musical blocks. When united in a composition, they form a new block, likewise structured and delimited, but a larger and capillary one.

In the visual field, this capillarity generates a volume, which requires an effort of perception from the observer. By linking the previous work (which is no longer “present”) with the current one, a rupture of scale and time takes place – the work now needs to be perceived not only visually.

Berceuse is a project developed over the course 33-34 year period.